Mendoza City

Well known among the major cities in Argentina Mendoza province is situated in the northwest of the country. It functions as a gateway to the high Andes and the Chilean border. Read on to know more about Argentina Mendoza city.

Mendoza tours have attained worldwide popularity. Offering great outdoors, the region has loads of parks, lakes and rivers. There are endless opportunities for some great skiing on the continent's highest mountains. Aconcagua Park and Las Lenas Resort are very popular among tourists. With endless opportunities for a vacation far from the urban life, it is a joy to watch the gaucho, or Argentine cowboy, in action here.

Roughly 70% of Argentina's total vineyards are from the Mendoza region. Wine tours in Mendoza are now the most important source of tourism for the area. But there's much more to Mendoza city's, hidden in its history and outstanding cuisine. You just can't go wrong with beef here. Parillada, which is a mix of select cuts of different grilled meat, is compulsory to taste. But Mendoza also has some great vegetarian restaurants too!

Traditional fare and, the region's famous wines are sure to add pleasure to your trip. So remember to bring your guidebook with loads of appetite on Mendoza tours. It is also a major destination for sports fans. One can enjoy many outdoor sports in beautiful surroundings. Even small traditional towns like San Rafael offer up-to-the-minute activities and stir up a bygone era.

Apart from of its famous wines, the Mendoza region also produces olive oil and has several cattle ranches, outside the city. While on Mendoza tours, do not miss out on the National grape harvest festival. Visit the old city, Ciudad Vieja and also Parque General San Martin, which is a large park with a zoo and amphitheater.

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