Where to Golf in Argentina

As a premier golf destination, Argentina is a beautiful country, with civilized resorts and dozens of great golf courses. Golf in Argentina, in its many scenic regions is an experience to remember. One can always organize their vacations according to their preferences and play golf in the best private courses of Argentina. Read on to know more about where to golf in Argentina.

The country has more golf courses than any other South American country. It was in the last part of the 19th century that the immigrants brought the sport to Argentina from Europe. Ever since, luxury resorts and exclusive clubs have built and maintained some of the most interesting and challenging golf courses in the world.

When planning a vacation to golf in Argentina, one of the foremost things to keep in mind are the weather and the seasons, which are opposite of what they are in the Northern hemisphere. The summer in Argentina is between the months of December and March while the winter months are from June to October. That basically means no golfing between May and September. Although, Buenos Aires does have a much longer golf season with only sporadic truly cold spells in June and July.

Talking about where to golf in Argentina, some of the main golfing regions are Buenos Aires, and Bariloche, which offer the most interesting golfing experiences for the visitor. Iguazu Falls and Tierra del Fuego are also outstanding locations to enjoy Argentina on and off the golf course.

Buenos Aires successfully captures the elusive spirit of Argentina as a country. This energetic, and seductive port city, is the capital city and has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. A large number of quality golf courses in and around Buenos Aries, are one of the main attractions of the city. With lush green, sub-tropical vegetation, these golf courses are kept in an outstanding condition. It is rightly said that Buenos Aires will soon become the top destination to golf in Argentina.

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